Kitty Frilling's Family Album

For the final project of my Access Course, I chose to revisit the work I did in Family Reunion. My aim was to try and convey some of the depth of the people I portrayed in that photoproject, using more of the information I have amassed in the last 15 years or so that I have been compiling family history.

The main paint of this project was a sound piece; my Great Grandmother, Nan and Mother that I added my own voice to and had pressed as a record. I exhibited this along with a set of 4 of the original images with additional handwritten text and a video piece tying both strands together, watchable below. The letters shown in the photographs exist in full, however they are going to stay put in my sketchbook and not be displayed.

Alice Snr and Kitty

A letter to my Great, Great Grandmother who lived an interesting life.

Connie and Kitty

A letter to my Grandmother, Connie

Daisy and Kitty

A letter to my Great Grandmother Daisy, who I never met

Hazel and Kitty

A letter to my other Grandmother, Hazel.

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