University Portfolio

Here are various projects I have completed on my Access Course & Foundation Degree so far. Just click on the title to view!

For the ‘making progress’ exhibition, I have been asked to respond to the concept of play. For this I have explored the idea through playing with the elements of the traditional English village sign to create commentary on what I have identified as the key scourges affecting modern rural living.

My motivation for exploring ‘play’ from this angle comes from growing up in in villages that had signs. I was inspired by their creativity and the carefully curated image of their village that they presented, as opposed to the reality of living there.

In order to create the content for my sign, I investigated the feelings of those who live in villages and prioritised negative responses by the frequency of the issue. These were then illustrated, digitised and laser cut into Perspex. I have used photographs I have taken locally to allow people to look through the sign and see either the creep of urbanisation or a more soothing pastoral scene.

‘Ackerthrop’ is itself a piece of play; I researched English place names and analysed them until I constructed a fictional place that has the meaning ‘Untitled Village’. It is a play on meaning; traditionally untitled would mean land that is not owned, but it takes on a new meaning as a symbol of something which is both recognisably English but anonymous.

Family Album

For the final project of my Access Course, I chose to revisit the work I did in Family Reunion. My aim was to try and convey some of the depth of the people I portrayed in that photoproject, using more of the information I have amassed in the last 15 years or so that I have been compiling family history.

The main paint of this project was a sound piece; my Great Grandmother, Nan and Mother that I added my own voice to and had pressed as a record. I exhibited this along with a set of 4 of the original images with additional handwritten text and a video piece tying both strands together, watchable below. The letters shown in the photographs exist in full, however they are going to stay put in my sketchbook and not be displayed.

Family Reunion

As part of my Access course, I created a series of photographs where I am dressed up as my female ancestors from both sides of my family. I am currently exploring how to take this project further, with a view to exhibiting it. Photography by Leandro Mendes Fotografie.